Cleaning Your Driveway

by Doris Donnerman
(last updated December 7, 2016)

Driveways are one of the first things that guest to your home are going to see, and as such they can make a huge impression on how your home is viewed. We have all heard the old refrain about first impressions, and what people think. So, if first impressions are so important when it comes to personal appearances, then won't it play just as large of a role with a home?

One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of a home is to clean that old greasy driveway. While this is a relatively easy task to complete, the key word is relatively, so there are a few things that you are going to need to gather in order to complete this job. Those items are an old deck broom that you don't mind ruining, a dust pan, some kitty litter, elbow grease and time.

When you have gathered all of your materials, you are ready to begin your task. First, you are going to want to do this chore on a day when it is sunny outside, so that you are able to see the grease spots as clearly as possible. On the day that you have chosen for your driveway's facelift, choose the largest of the oil spots to remove first.

After choosing which oil spot to remove, you are going to simply pour some of the kitty litter onto the oil spot. The kitty litter is used to absorb the oil or petroleum product. After laying down a nice, fairly thin layer of the kitty litter onto the oil spot, let it sit for a few moments, allowing a little time for the product to be absorbed. If the stain is older, then you do not need to wait, you can proceed to the next step right away, which is to work the kitty litter into the stain. You accomplish this by either using your foot or the broom. Feel free to use both, since you are going to get tired. Be advised, you are going to ruin your broom, so only use one that you do not mind either dedicating solely to this purpose, or that you have no problem throwing away.

When you have worked the kitty litter into the stain properly, all that is going to remain is a fine powder. Simply sweep up the powder and dispose of the mess properly. Today's society typically requires special disposal of oil and petroleum products, so be sure that you know what the current laws and procedures are prior to disposal. You do not want to get into any trouble simply for cleaning your driveway.

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