Regardless of how nice the inside of your house may be, if the actual structure of your home isn't solid and maintained correctly, you could end up with a major problem.

The tips in this section can help you deal with some of the problems that could damage the structure of your home. You'll find information here to deal with mold growth and other dampness issues.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Preventing Mold Growth
One of the greatest problems currently facing home owners is mold growth. Without taking proper care, mold growth can quickly create a serious health problem. Actually making your home uninhabitable. Preventing mold growth is an easy task though, if you know what to do.

   Reducing Dampness in Your Home
If your home is particularly damp, you may wish to reduce the dampness for health reasons or for comfort. There are a variety of things you can do to easily reduce the dampness in your home.

   Repairing Brick Walls
If you live in a home or apartment that has brick walls, you know just how easy it is for them to get damaged in some way. Luckily, repairing brick walls isn't all that difficult if you catch the problem early enough. Well, that and if you follow these directions.

   What are Vapor Barriers?
Whether you are building a new home, remodeling your old one, or getting a home inspection on a potential purchase, chances are good that you will hear the words "vapor barrier" at least once. Why is that, what are they, and are they really that important?

   When to Hire a Home Inspector
A home inspector is one of the best ways to find out what the general condition of your home is. The question is, do you know when to hire a home inspector? There are several times when this is a good idea, and all of them can do nothing but help you out.