Aluminum Gutter Repair

Written by Lee Wyatt (last updated February 5, 2021)


No one really likes to think about their gutters. In fact, it's usually pretty common for people to ignore their gutters until it is too late. It's kind of interesting that, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, there will be a time when we have to repair our gutters. Aluminum gutters are the single most common choice when it comes to home gutters so it only stands to reason hat we should know how to conduct aluminum gutter repair; that is, unless you are willing to pay an arm and leg for the most common of all home repair issues.

  • Dirty gutters. When it comes to repairing your aluminum gutters, the single most common problem has got to be dirty gutters. No matter what you try, and even if you use some of those new gutter gaurds or covers, you will still need to periodically clean your gutters. Dirty gutters can, and often do, lead to other problems that can be vastly more expensive. This problem is solved by, every couple of months, getting up on a ladder and cleaning your gutters. Remove all the dirt and debris that seems to build up over time and your problem is over.
  • Loose gutters. While you are cleaning your gutters check to make sure that they are nice and tight. Often when a gutter system becomes dirty or clogged, the extra weight from all the dirt, debris, and backed-up water can loosen the fixtures that hold the gutters to your home. If they are loosened, simply tighten them up. This will greatly extend the usefullife of your gutters.
  • Leaking joints. Periodically, the places where the sections of your gutter system meet will begin to leak. There are all kinds of reasons why this could happen. Typically it is because your gutters have gotten too much dirt and debris in them, and the seams or joints ended up getting something stuck in them. Another cause is when the gutters become loose they start to sag, which can cause a similar problem. Whatever the cause though, you will need to fix the problem. The easiest way to repair this problem is by making sure that you periodically clean your gutters, tighten up any loose gutters, and then making sure that there are no gaps between the sections. You can also, though this is frequently not necessary, apply some silicone caulking around the inside of the gutters at the seams to help prevent the leaks in the future.
  • Loose downspouts. Just as with loose gutters, periodically you will need to tighten your downspouts. The best time to do this is when you are cleaning your gutters. Simply check to make sure that they are nice and tight. If necessary, tighten anything that has been loosened.

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2015-11-30 12:49:04


This is fine, but how does one repair a leaking, corroded section of gutter? I've already tried flexseal and it leaks, creating a growing mound of ice in subfreezing weather.