Building TV Stands

by Lee Wyatt
(last updated January 28, 2019)

While we would all like to think that TV stands are designed to last forever, the ones that are currently being sold are often only good for a year or two of hard use. That being said, there are ways that you can go about strengthening just about any kind of pre-made television stand.

Strengthening existing stands:

Regularly check to make sure that your stand's joints are nice and tight. Usually there are screws that can be tightened, and these are usually located near the corners of the stand. In addition to this, you can also add a little wood glue to your stand and help make it a little sturdier. Do this by simply removing the television from the stand, and then turning the stand over. Add the glue to the same location that the screws are at, and use clamps to hold everything tight. Allow the glue to dry completely before using the television stand again.

Building your own stand:

TV stands are also exceptionally easy to build, regardless of your carpentry skill. If you would rather build your own stand, than purchasing one then this is what you need to do.


  • Tape measure
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Carpenter's level
  • 1/4 inch plywood or peg board cut to dimensions needed
  • Lumber, 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch thick (your choice)
  • Hand saw
  • Hammer
  • Large box of 4d finishing nails
  • Drill with screw head (Philips and regular) attachment
  • Minimum of 24 screws #8, 2 inches long
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood filler
  • Stain or paint


  1. Draw a plan. When building a TV stand, the best way to begin is to actually design and draw up your own plans. The easiest way to do this is to draw out a rough sketch of what you have in mind for it to look like. This sketch will act as a rough blue print later on. After you have drawn the blue prints, assign dimensions to the drawing. Decide on how tall you want your TV stand to be, and be sure that you make a note of it on your drawing. This will help you to determine how much lumber you need to get later on.
  2. Get materials. Once you have drawn out your blue print, take it to your local home improvement center or store and purchase materials that you will need to fulfill your project. Simply hand over the dimensions needed for the TV stand to the lumber specialist, and they should be able to procure the proper amount of lumber for you. Best of all, if you ask them to, they can usually cut it to the correct dimensions for you, saving you a whole lot of work and worry.
  3. Lay out pieces. When you get home, lay out all your materials in the same order that you see it on your blue print. This will help you keep in mind what steps need to be taken to assemble everything, and help you to determine whether you have everything you need or not. If you did not get your lumber precut, then this is the time to make sure you have all your wood cut to the proper specifications.
  4. Assemble. When you start to put everything together, be sure that you have someone help you hold the pieces together as you screw them tight. You should use screws to hold everything together to ensure that nothing comes loose as you use the shelf. Take your time when you are doing this so that you can make sure you don't make any mistakes. As you assemble the unit, periodically check to make sure everything is level by using the carpenter's level.
  5. Sand. Once you have everything together, take some time to sand the TV stand. This will ensure that you don't have anyone in your family get hurt by splinters when using it. As you sand the unit, periodically check to make sure that you are getting everything done right by dragging a piece of cloth lightly over the wood. If the cloth snags on anything, then you know you still need to work on it. Fill in any holes or depression with some wood filler to ensure that you have a uniform and even surface.
  6. Paint or stain. Finally, once you have everything sanded, it is time to paint or stain the wood. Choose a color that will work well with the wood that you chose, as well as with the decor theme of your home. Be sure that you allow enough time for the wood paint or stain to dry completely prior to adding a new coat. This will ensure that you get exactly the right color that you want.

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