This category provides a mix of tips that just don't fit anywhere else. The new dryer is fully ensconced in the laundry room—but there's something besides connecting the power cord. The finishing (but essential) touch is connecting the vent. Winter closing in? Some of the most significant energy-efficiency tweaks you can make have to do with winterizing your home. Our tips show you how. Major consideration: choosing a contractor. There are a number of good steps to take when hiring a contractor, and we have your answers in some very strategic tips.

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   Properly Venting a Dryer
One of the most important parts of installing an appliance like a dryer is making sure it has proper ventilation. Luckily properly venting a dryer isn't that difficult a task. At least, it isn't as long as you follow these directions.

   Save Money by Winterizing the Home
For many homeowners when the winter months roll around so does some rather high utility bills. However, there are ways to save money by winterizing the home. After all, you have better things to spend your money on during the winter months than utility bills.

   What to Look for When Hiring a Contractor
When done right, hiring a contractor can be a huge help to any home owner. However, when the wrong contractor is hired, it can easily become a homeowner's worst nightmare. Avoid the hassle by learning what to look for when hiring a contractor.