Clogged Drains

If the only thing that ever went down a drain was water, the chances of having a clogged drain would be slim. The reality is that many things end up going down the drain including hair, jewelry, and food. Over time, all of these things can build up and cause a drain to become clogged.

The tips in this section can help you unclog a drain. There are a few things you can try such as a plunger, snake, wet/dry vacuum, and chemical cleaners. You'll find the tips here to use these in various types of sinks.

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   Preventing Clogged Drains
Perhaps one of the most common plumbing problems that a homeowner can experience is a clogged drain. After all, this is one problem that every homeowner will experience at least once in their life. That being said, an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure, and as such preventing clogged drains is something that is fairly easy to do. Just use these simple methods and you find that your clogged drains are dramatically reduced.

   Unclogging a Bathroom Sink Using a Plunger
Bathroom sinks seem to be susceptible to a large number of clogs or blockages. If you are interested in performing your own home plumbing tasks, use these simple steps to get your task accomplished.

   Unclogging a Bathroom Sink Using a Snake
It can be annoying how often a bathroom sink can get clogged. Following these simple steps will enable you to handle this annoyingly recurring problem.

   Unclogging a Bathroom Sink Using a Wet/Dry Vacuum
Wet/dry vacuums can be used for more than just cleaning up spills in the shop, kitchen or garage. Since they have gotten more powerful, you can now use them as oversized plungers that clean up after themselves. Here's how.

   Unclogging a Bathroom Sink Using Chemical Cleaners
Unclogging a drain, such as in your bathroom, does not have to be as difficult as many people think it to be. You do not need to call a professional plumber, when you can perform all your own plumbing needs, and save yourself loads of money.

   Unclogging a Garbage Disposal
A clogged disposal unit can be pretty a pretty formidable task for the amateur plumber. Using these simple steps, you too are going to be able to get your disposal unit back into working order.

   Unclogging a Kitchen Sink Using a Drain Snake
Snaking a drain is one of the more sure-fire ways to clear a clog out of any drain. Follow these simple steps, and you will be able to clean out your drains like a pro.

   Unclogging a Kitchen Sink Using a Plunger
There are many ways that a person can unclog their kitchen sink. The most expensive way is to call a plumber in to do the work for you. Probably the easiest and cheapest way is to do it yourself with a plunger. With these simple steps you will be able to start down the road towards becoming your own plumber.

   Unclogging a Kitchen Sink Using a Wet/Dry Vacuum
Unclogging a drain can be something that is extremely messy and difficult for the amateur plumber. Follow these simple steps to use a wet/dry vacuum for a new and creative way to unclog that drain.

   Unclogging a Kitchen Sink Using Chemical Cleaners
It's a fairly easy thing for most people to be able to fulfill their own home plumbing needs. Follow these simple steps and you will never need to call a plumber for the simple fixes.

   Unclogging a Utility Sink Using a Plunger
Utility sinks are great things for a home owner, but the fact that they get clogged so often can be a problem. If you want to keep your wallet from getting a really big bite taken out of it, then use these simple steps to help you handle your own plumbing needs.

   Unclogging a Utility Sink Using a Snake
Utility sinks may clog up on you at almost anytime. The reason for this is simply due to the various abuses that they are placed through. Here are the simple steps that anyone can use to handle their own plumbing needs.

   Unclogging a Utility Sink Using Chemical Cleaners
Utility sinks are put through a whole lot of abuse, and as such they are subject to frequent clogging. Use these steps to clear out any clogs without resorting to calling in the plumber.

   Unclogging an Utility Sink Using a Wet/Dry Vacuum
Since utility sinks are a little more difficult to keep from getting clogged, you may need to use more power in getting rid of the clog. Here is how you can use the immortal words of Tim Allen: "More Power! Aaugh augh augh."