The walls in your home provide essential support for the overall structure of your home and serve as a divider and great place to hang decorations and add color to your rooms. There are a number of ways to customize the look and feel of your home and one place to start is the walls.

This section of tips can help you create stylish walls, hang pictures, and make any necessary repairs. You'll learn how to patch sheetrock, cracks, and repair water damage.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Building a Glass Block Wall
For those who would like to add something of a modern element to their homes, then what better way to do it than with a glass block wall? If you don't already have one, never fear. Building a glass block wall is actually pretty easy to do.

   Creating Stylish Walls
If you are having trouble decorating a room, then chances are you are overlooking perhaps the single largest decorating opportunity there is—the wall. Creating stylish walls is a key element to being able to have a properly decorated home. Here's some simple guidelines you can use to help you get started on creating some stylish walls.

   Dealing With Water Stained Walls
Over time, almost all homeowners will find themselves faced with a stain that is almost always indicative of other potential problems. Simply put, that stain is a water stain. Dealing with water stained walls doesn't have to be difficult, though it does need to be done as quickly as possible. Just make sure that you remember a few things first.

   Finding Load-Bearing Walls
Most people understand that all exterior walls are load bearing, but it is unsafe to assume that all interior walls are non-load-bearing. And, since bearing walls help carry the weight of the house, providing support to other floors as well as the roof, never modify or remove a load-bearing wall without proper bracing.

   Finding Studs in Walls
Sometimes it's not easy to locate studs since they are mostly concealed behind plaster and other parts of the wall. While it can be easier to find studs behind drywall or plaster, you usually can find studs behind any type of wall if you follow these tips.

   Finding Wall Studs
If you are thinking of hanging anything on your walls, then chances are you know that it is best to hang them on a wall stud. However, do you know where the studs are? Finding wall studs is an incredibly easy task, as long as you know one of the methods to use.

   Finishing Drywall
Just because you have hung your drywall doesn't mean that you are finished. Finishing drywall is a completely different project, and one that can take a little bit of time. Make sure that you do it right by following these instructions.

   Fixing a Hole in a Wall
Holes in a wall are ugly, nasty, and down right embarrassing. Here is how you can fix those holes, and be proud of your home once again.

   Glazing a Wall
If you are looking to decorate your home and don't want to go with the traditional painting or wallpaper, what are your options? One possibility is to glaze your wall. Glazing a wall can be an attractive, and unique, treatment that helps set the tone perfectly.

   Hanging Pictures Easily
Pictures have a way of brightening up a room and making a house a home. By learning a few basic techniques, you will be able to hang pictures easily and beautifully.

   Hanging Pictures on Concrete Walls
In many ways concrete walls are superior to most forms of walls, except it can be a tad difficult to hang pictures from them. While the traditional method for hanging pictures on concrete walls will leave some nasty holes, there are other methods that you can use.

   Hanging Pictures on Masonry Walls
There are several areas of most homes that often go bare simply because we don't know how to hang pictures on them. Surprisingly, hanging pictures on masonry walls isn't all that difficult. All you need is a few simple items, and a common power tool, and you will soon have your bare cement or brick wall sporting some fantastic pictures.

   Hanging Pictures with Style
Everyone can hang pictures on their wall, but not everyone can do it with style. Surprisingly hanging pictures with style is actually really easy. In order to do it properly, all you need to do is follow a few simple guidelines. Once you begin to do that, you will be amazed at the results.

   Installing a Baseboard
To begin installing your own baseboards, you don't need to have a lot of money, or even to have a whole lot of experience. All you really need are three things: determination, the right tools, and the right instructions. The instructions are here, the rest is up to you.

   Installing Crown Molding
Crown molding can be a wonderful architectural accent piece for any room. But what do you do if you don't have any, and you want some? The simple answer is to install it. Installing crown molding is a fairly easy task that anyone can do. Here's how.

   Installing Wallboard
Learning how to install wallboard can be a huge advantage when remodeling or renovating your home. Installing wallboard, though a tiring job, is something that anyone can do as long as they follow a few simple guidelines.

   Making Patches in Sheetrock
If you have holes in your sheetrock it can appear unsophisticated and unfinished. Learning to patch holes in sheetrock can be a useful skill to add to your home repair repertoire.

   Patching Cracks in a Wall
Homes and business suffer plenty of wear and tear. Leaning to fix cracks in the walls of your home or business can help preserve the quality of your space and maintain a polished look.

   Recognizing a Load-Bearing Wall
Recognizing a load-bearing wall isn't all that difficult, though it can save you a huge amount of money, and time. All you really need to do is know what to look for. Once you have that down, the process is especially easy.

   Removing Ceramic Wall Tiles
Have you ever wanted to replace some old tile walls, but weren't sure of how to do so? Well, before you can actually begin replacing these tiles, you need to first remove them. Removing ceramic wall tiles is something that anyone can do, and can give you a great start on learning to properly do some home demolition.

   Repairing Cracked Plaster
It is a sad fact of life that plaster walls will become cracked, or have some fairly nasty holes after a while. Repairing cracked plaster isn't all that difficult, as long as you follow a few simple steps.

   Repairing Cracks in Plaster Walls
While plaster may be a very popular building material, it is also somewhat susceptible to cracks. If you don't take the proper steps, these cracks can easily become a major problem. Luckily repairing cracks in plaster walls isn't all that difficult.

   Repairing Masonry Walls
Even the most well-made and properly maintained masonry wall will eventually need a repair or two. If the problem isn't too bad, then you can go ahead and begin doing the repair work yourself. Good thing that repairing masonry walls isn't the most difficult task that a do-it-yourself enthusiast could ever perform.

   Repairing Water Damaged Walls
Water damaged walls can be an unsightly mess that can be pretty costly to repair. That is, unless you do the work yourself. Repairing water damaged walls isn't as hard as many people would think. Here's how you do it.

   Replacing Sheet Paneling
There are all kinds of benefits to using sheet paneling in the home. These include such things as the paneling being fairly durable, easily installed, and even easily replaced if necessary. Whatever the reason if you find yourself needing to replace some sheet paneling, don't worry, it's not a particularly difficult project to undertake or complete.

   Soundproofing Home Theaters
Whether you currently have a home theater, or you are simply planning on having one later, be sure that you get the most out of it. Instead dealing with noisy neighbors while watching your favorite movie, then learn how by soundproofing your home theater.

   Understanding Wallboard Finishing Levels
If you are thinking of having any type of wall work done in your home, then it is a good idea to understand the basics. Part of understanding the basics is knowing what the different finishing levels are for wallboard. Understanding wall board finishing levels isn't all that difficult, and can actually help you achieve the exact look that you want for your home.

   Using a Power Cleaner on Your Walls
For particularly dirty walls, you may want to consider using a power cleaner. Using a power cleaner on your walls is a fairly simple, safe, and efficient method to cleaning large amounts of wall space in a quick way. Just make sure that you keep these guidelines in mind or you can end up damaging those walls that you are trying to clean.