Every component of your house serves a unique purpose. The roof is no exception. Without a solid roof in place, your home could experience leaks and high utility bills.

The tips in this section can help you know when to replace the shingles on your roof. You'll also learn how to repair or replace small areas of shingles and what to look for in a roofing contractor.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Cleaning the Chimney
There are professional chimneysweepers available to deep clean your chimney, but if you are up to the job yourself, here are some hints to help you thoroughly and safely clean your chimney.

   Getting a Roofing Estimate
Whether you have recently gone through a major storm, or are simply interested in repairing a little bit of damage to your roof, you need to know how much it will cost. The best way to do that is by getting a roofing estimate.

   Giving Your Roof a Checkup
While it may be a good idea to inspect your roof on a seasonal basis, it is also a good idea to at the least do a periodic checkup. Giving your roof a checkup is really a rather simple operation. In fact, if you do it right it should take no more than an hour to complete.

   Inspecting a Roof
Whenever the seasons change, it is always a good idea to take a look around your home. One example of this is learning how to do a basic roof inspection. If you know what to look for, inspecting a roof doesn't need to long or drawn out. Here are a few guidelines that you can use to help determine whether you need to call in the experts.

   Installing Chimney Flashing
Chimney flashing serves a very important purpose, namely to help prevent any leaks or water damage. Over time this flashing will need to be replaced periodically. Good thing that installing chimney flashing is a project that you can complete in a single weekend.

   Installing Roof Vents
The best way to get the most out of your roofing insulation is to actually provide proper circulation for the air. Without this proper air circulation, even the best insulation job will rot over time. Prevent this by installing roof vents in your roof. It is a remarkably easy that will only take about two hours to complete.

   Removing Shingles
Every so often, the roof of our homes will need a little care and maintenance. One of the most common ways that we have to take care of our homes is by removing old, damaged shingles, and replacing them with newer ones. Removing shingles, while messy, isn't that difficult if you follow the method outlined here.

   Repairing Shingles
Repairing the shingles of a roof is, or can be, a fairly scary prospect for many people. Well, fear no more, since you are now going to know how to fix or repair those damaged, but salvageable shingles.

   Replacing Asphalt Shingles
If you have asphalt shingles on your home, you are in luck. Not only are they one of the more popular types used in the country today, they are also fairly easy to replace. Replacing asphalt shingles is one of the easiest roofing tasks that homeowner can tackle. All you need to do is follow these instructions.

   Replacing Shingles
Shingles that have been damaged can lead to costly repairs, both in time and money. If you are interested in being able save some money the next time that you need replace some shingling around the house, then here's how.

   Replacing Terra Cotta Shingles
Terra cotta shingles are an extremely durable and attractive option. One that when installed properly, never really need to be replaced. However, there are times when you can find yourself needing to replace terra cotta shingles. Luckily, it's not all that difficult.

   Replacing Wood Shingles
Wood shingles are a great looking roofing material that has a tendency to get damaged during storms. Luckily replacing wood shingles aren't all that difficult, or even expensive, to do. All you need is to follow these simple instructions to ensure that you get the best possible result.

   Roof Contractors
Whether it is from a sudden storm, or your home has experienced a growth spurt there will come a time when you need to repair your roof. Often the best method for repairing your roof is to leave it to the professionals—roof contractors. But do you know how to find the best roof contractors available? Here is some great information to help you out.

   Roofing Equipment
If you are planning on doing any type of roofing work then you need to know what equipment to use. Roofing equipment isn't a topic that is all that difficult to understand, particularly if you use this simple list to know what you need. After all, when you have the basics down pat, you can perform miracles.

   Roofing Options
There are several different roofing options that you can use for your home. In fact, if you are thinking of doing any type of roofing work at all, make sure that you know what all of your options are before you make your final decision. Here is some information to help you out.

   Should I Re-shingle My Roof?
It can often be difficult to decide when you should re-shingle your roof. If you find yourself asking the simple question of "Should I re-shingle my roof?" then here is your answer. Inside this article you will find some general guidelines designed to help you decide whether your roof needs to be re-shingled or not.

   What is Roof Flashing?
What is roof flashing? Unless you have done a bit of roofing work in the past, or simply like to read a lot, chances are pretty good that you don't recognize the term. Roof flashing is probably one of the smallest pieces of equipment used on a roofing job, and if improperly used can cause some of the biggest problems. Keep reading to find out why